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Through our varied facilities, we ensure that our students are adequately supported in their everyday learning experiences. Global Sevilla International School Jakarta provides a variety of laboratories ranging from science to art to help students learn more. Our kids may discover and enhance their athletic talents by using indoor and outdoor sports facilities such as a swimming pool, gym, basketball court, and small soccer field. Our younger pupils may improve their social skills by playing together in the attractive outdoor playground and the interior sensory area.

1. Amphitheatre

An outdoor amphitheater is one of our school’s infrastructures. Our professors offer outdoor workshops, performances, art sessions, and other activities here. Our pupils love going outside for their studies. For many of them, being able to take their lessons in the fresh air and surrounded by greenery is a nice change. It is also great for a change of pace in case students are saturated with indoor classes.

2. Indoor Gymnasium

Basketball and badminton courts are available in the Global Sevilla International School Jakarta’s indoor gymnasium. When the weather is poor, and outdoor activities are impossible to conduct, our kids attend their physical education classes there. The indoor gymnasium also offers a stage for school shows. The indoor gymnasium is often used for school assemblies or PE classes when the outdoor court is unavailable.

3. Chemistry/Biology Laboratory

The Global Sevilla School boasts a well-designed laboratory that can handle a wide range of scientific activities while emphasizing practical skills. Furthermore, before beginning their laboratory activity, students are given a clean lab coat, disposable gloves, and other protective equipment. When doing various chemical and biological experiments needed by Cambridge for the IGCSE and A-level examinations, pupils are also provided working spaces with water, a sink, individual Bunsen burners, and a plug.

4. Physics Laboratory

Global Sevilla International School Jakarta is happy to have a well-equipped physics lab with cutting-edge equipment that students may utilize for hands-on learning. The laboratory also has audiovisuals to support a variety of activities such as experiment demonstrations, debates, and note-taking. The well-ventilated laboratory has all of the conventional apparatus, including lenses, magnets, balances, and glass prisms, as well as more sophisticated apparatus like resistors, ammeters, and voltmeters.

We think that students learn better in an environment that emphasizes nature’s beauty. For our kids to spend their time in, our school has broad open areas with gorgeous greeneries and light large rooms. Bringing a sense of calm to their daily routines. Good facilities will also result in the maximum potential that the students can reach with the help of reliable tools or environments for them to utilize.

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